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Covid is playing havoc with our recording schedule right now, so while we recover from the virus we’re unable to bring you a guided meditation this week. We have guided meditations available on our website and we’re hopeful to be back to full fitness by next week.

How to get involved with That Magick Podcast

So instead of a guided meditation this week we have an announcement that Season 2 of That Magick Podcast is coming out on the 3rd of September 2022.

Like Season 1, it’ll be an 8 episode season every two weeks on a Saturday lunchtime. This time we’ll be talking about grimoires, all the different kinds of magick and how to use tarot for personal development as well as how magick works. 

If you would like to ask a question about magick that we can answer on the podcast, this is your chance to get involved! Just send us your question either on email or contact us using this form.

For any of our website subscribers who haven’t checked out Season 1, here it is in its entirety. Season 1 covers topics such as lenormand and tarot as well as the ethics of magick.

The One Where We Do a Lenormand Reading That Magick Podcast

**We apologise for the sound. We hadn't noticed the microphone had failed until after and because we bulk record, this has impacted a few of our episodes this season** We open our show having a debate over the french-ness or otherwise of Lenormand, which quickly falls apart as of course Madame Lenormand was indeed french.  In this episode we have not been able to find a pop-culture reference for Lenormand, so instead we try to look at it from the perspective of games that are more on point with regard to reality than first they appear….which is tenuous at best. So, with absolutely nothing to do with divination at all, we badly draw on Jumanji as an illustration of a game that turns out to be an alternate reality…as Lenormand tends to do when the cards are used as a tool for divination. We do eventually do a short five card practise reading and we look at two alternatives for combining the cards in this example reading. Hopefully by the end of this episode listeners will have an idea how to combine Lenormand cards into a reading. We have an article on 5 card Lenormand readings plus all of our Lenormand resources as well that further describes today’s topic. We also have a free ebook available on Easy Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations. Follow and subscribe at magentaschoolofmagick for all our amazing, and free, content. Including a video of this episode if you are receiving this on a platform that does not support video.  
  1. The One Where We Do a Lenormand Reading
  2. The One About Magick Seals and Sigils
  3. The One About The Point of Meditation
  4. The One About Humanistic Magick
  5. The One About Divination
  6. The One About Using Magick For Personal Gain
  7. Season 3 Trailer
  8. The One About Astral Magick
  9. The One Where Magick Isn't Evil
  10. The One About The Psychology of Magick

That Magick Podcast is available on our website in podcast and vodcast format, plus you can subscribe to That Magick Podcast on most podcast platforms, just follow the link above for where to get That Magick Podcast.

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