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Covid is playing havoc with our recording schedule right now, so while we recover from the virus we’re unable to bring you a guided meditation this week. We have guided meditations available on our website and we’re hopeful to be back to full fitness by next week.

How to get involved with That Magick Podcast

So instead of a guided meditation this week we have an announcement that Season 2 of That Magick Podcast is coming out on the 3rd of September 2022.

Like Season 1, it’ll be an 8 episode season every two weeks on a Saturday lunchtime. This time we’ll be talking about grimoires, all the different kinds of magick and how to use tarot for personal development as well as how magick works. 

If you would like to ask a question about magick that we can answer on the podcast, this is your chance to get involved! Just send us your question either on email or contact us using this form.

For any of our website subscribers who haven’t checked out Season 1, here it is in its entirety. Season 1 covers topics such as lenormand and tarot as well as the ethics of magick.

The One With Magick (mostly Tarot) In The Workplace That Magick Podcast

In this episode we are looking at how to bring magick (mostly Tarot to be fair) into the Boardroom, conference room, meeting room, staff room, and annual appraisal. We draw a connection between our astrology in the boardroom episode, and posit that if we were clever enough, or had a vast pot of gold, we could work with a developer to build a personality profile tool using the meanings in the Tarot. We describe some real-world situations where Tarot can be used at work and, using examples from the TV show Angel, explain that magick in the workplace is just the next step along the evolution of wellbeing and team building. Hopefully by the end of the episode listeners will feel inspired to hold workshops or one to ones with their teams in a different way. We have an article on using Tarot in the boardroom that further describes today’s topic. If you haven't subscribed to our website yet – please check it out All of our really great content starts life on the website, so if you'd like premiere access to spells, meditations and articles subscribe today.
  1. The One With Magick (mostly Tarot) In The Workplace
  2. The One Where We Read a Birth Chart
  3. The Musical One (The One Where Magick Is Everywhere At All Once)
  4. The One Where Fate Versus Free Will
  5. The One About The Multiverse
  6. Season 4 trailer
  7. The One About Sex Magick
  8. The One About Questions
  9. The One Where We Do a Lenormand Reading
  10. The One About Magick Seals and Sigils

That Magick Podcast is available on our website in podcast and vodcast format, plus you can subscribe to That Magick Podcast on most podcast platforms, just follow the link above for where to get That Magick Podcast.

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