How tarot can help with personal development

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When many people think of tarot card readers, they imagine crinkly ladies in their booths at the end of the pier or as part of a side-show act. Or wise women dressed in robes with crystal balls perhaps. Did you know that tarot is more than just a fun, fortune telling party trick? Tarot can help with personal development.

We are of course both of these (crinkly and wise. Only one of us is technically a lady). But not all card readers are the full cliche. These are 4 ways cartomancy such as the tarot can be used for personal development or guidance counselling.

Is only tarot used for personal development?

There are loads of different cartomancy systems, there’s tarot and lenormand, there’s oracle and angel cards. Even a standard 52 playing card deck can be used, but what they all have in common is if the cards are used consistently (and by this we mean if the interpretations you have given the cards are used consistently) then the cards can be used to inform the reader of any issues pertaining to personal problems, or emotional and intuitive blocks.

The big fat side order of WOAH WAIT A SECOND is…..card reading isn’t intended to replace traditional therapy, so don’t bin off your counsellor just yet. But it could be used to complement any therapies as another support service. 

Intuition that works in partnership with intellect

How many times do we, as humans, struggle with understanding what the hell is wrong with us? Feeling stuck but not knowing why? Most people have a kind of blind spot when it comes to the ‘shadow’ side. These are the bits of us that, for whatever reason, our normal brain just can’t get at. This is something that cards such as tarot can help with for your personal development.

Spending time trying to unpick a problem or an issue can end up being a more stressful task than the actual problem, so cards like Tarot or Lenormand can just cut through the bull because they’re totally picked at random.

All a person needs to do is just ask the really hard questions, then look at what is produced from the cards. That’s way easier than trying to figure this all out alone.

There’s an article here that describes how to do a card reading to figure out strengths and find alignment

The cards then act as a sort of mirror, reflecting back the answer that’s already in there, it’s just hiding from the intellect. 

Create a bit of distance using art and imagery

Most cartomancy systems contain vast arrays of imagery, or are full of the kinds of metaphorical context that can help people better understand their issues and their experiences. 

For example, Tarot cards use layers of metaphors in the imagery or numerology that can be interpreted against a backdrop of requests for guidance with personal issues. 

Basically you’re asking a deck of cards, not a person you can then get mad at when the answer comes back and it’s something you don’t want to hear. This can give a bit of safe distance between the reader and the reading. Even if this is the same person!  

Ask about issues without the stress or judgement

Talking about thoughts and feelings is not easy for a lot of people. Oftentimes stuff happens and, as humans, we have feelings about the stuff that happens.  Sometimes those feelings get all jumbled, we then start having feelings about feelings….until we’re in some weird Inception or nesting doll emotional situation we can’t climb out of.

Cards like the tarot can help with personal development because they act as a place to start. Without all the emotion jumble. A question is asked, a card turned over. It’s the cards and the interpretation of those cards that are shedding light on issues, and takes any worry of judgement out of the equation. The cards are not judgmental, they’re just cards! 

Cards aren’t the boss of you, but they do have your back

By this we mean with cards there’s no undue pressure to follow advice, unlike say from a well meaning friend. The pictures, wording or numbers that are revealed are just a place to start in figuring out what might be wrong, or a place to start in figuring out where to go next or what action to take next. They don’t control you or what happens next. They’re just cards. 

They’re not going to get upset if you decide to do something else, they won’t be offended or annoyed if you repeat the same patterns and wind up asking for help with the same problems next week. They’re just cards. 

Cards will, however, always be there when you want to just do a quick reading. They won’t mind if it’s 2am. They have your back.

If you want to learn how to read tarot cards, we have a very easy tarot starter guide and there’s also an article covering off our 7 steps to reading tarot cards. This way you can start to build your skills in using the cards as a tool for your own personal development.

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