How to use candles in magick

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What is candle magick?

Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of spellcasting. This is where the candle is the main ingredient (besides you and your intention) so it doesn’t require an awful lot of chanting, herbs and ceremony. But, if you wanted to include that you certainly could!

In candle magick, the candle is often used in a ‘one and done’ capacity. This is because the candle may be inscribed with words pertaining to the spell and probably burned down completely. 

Choosing a candle

Start by choosing a candle. Size matters as bigger candles may take several days to burn down. Specialist ‘spell candles’ can be purchased as these can burn quicker than, say, dinner candles that have been bought for spell work. 

Colours for candle magick

Colour is an emotive tool and we previously went into a lot of detail about the colours of magick. The colours for the candles used in magick may not have the same meaning to all people.

So think about what colours matter to you and why. As long you have a list of the correspondences that work, that’s all that really matters. A lot of the colour correspondences used today get passed about like a meme, but just because it was on the Interwebs doesn’t mean it’s the one and only choice for you. 

In fact, we went one stage further and aligned the coloured candles we use with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We don’t think this is widely practised, yet. You can use our method, or you can choose colours based on a method that works for you. 

How to use the candles in magick

Get to know your candle! By this we mean focus your intention on what you will be using this candle to do. For example, you could hold it in your hand and concentrate your thoughts on the desired outcome. 

You can summarise this outcome in one word so that this word can be inscribed onto the candle itself. Lighting the candle usually starts the spell casting bit.

You can use the flame of the candle, perhaps as a focus point or to burn other objects if you’re using other ingredients in the spell. You can incorporate the melting wax from the candle in some way as part of the ritual. 

If you can’t use real candles we have some virtual candles you can use. These have a ‘burn time’ on average of about 30 minutes. This means this is how long the virtual candle flame is present on the screen. You can substitute writing on this virtual candle with using coloured paper that matches the coloured candle. 

Whether virtual or real world, say your incantations as the flame is lit and focus your thoughts on what the outcome will look like for you. Once the candle has burned down (or the virtual candle has ended) the spell is cast. 

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