Unlock the power of Jupiter and Venus in magick

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We specialise in astral magick, which basically means the rules we like to follow come from using the movements of the planets and where they are in the sky at any given moment.

In astrology, it is believed that the planets have a direct effect on the human psyche and that each planet possesses its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Astral magick is based on astrology. It uses the characteristics and strengths of the planets that come from astrology as a source of power. As a result, each planet has its own set of positive and negative uses in magickal practices.

To understand how each planet can be used for magick, it’s important to first learn about their individual meanings. Last week we posted about using Mars and Saturn in a magickal context. This week we will briefly introduce you to Jupiter and Venus, the so-called benefics, as they relate to magick.

Jupiter in Magick

We know from astrology that Jupiter is the ruling planet of the star sign Sagittarius. In astrology, Jupiter is known as a ‘benefic’ (a bringer of benefits bascially!) and as the largest and brightest planet in the night sky, Jupiter is said to bring about good fortune and be responsible for abundance and expansion. In a magickal context Jupiter is the planet that helps with manifestation and abundance spells.

Venus in Magick

Venus is the ruling planet of two star signs, Taurus and Libra. In astrology, Venus is also a ‘benefic’ and teams up very nicely with Jupiter to bring about nice things. This is because Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. Being Libra’s ruler, Venus is also known as a planet with all the right energy to help with balance, and can be used magickally in spells focused on relationships.

How to use Jupiter in magick

Jupiter’s characteristics of expansion, creativity, optimism, and hope can be drawn upon to help bring good fortune and increase prosperity. This means that the energies of Jupiter work really well in wealth or prosperity spells.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the philosophical sign. This plays well with Jupiter’s characteristics of expansion and is a great planet to bring about positive change in your life. This might be magick focused on expanding the mind, increasing knowledge and wisdom.

How to use Venus in magick

Venus energy is about compassion and harmony, but as a benefic it plays very well with Jupiter in the acquisition of nice things. This is because Venus is the planet that brings beauty into our lives (even if this is in the form of material things. Who doesn’t like having nice things?! ) 

Venus can also be used to help bring love into your life. This can mean romantic love, but through its ruling relationship to Libra, Venus can also bring balance back or heal any relationship. 

Venus is all about beauty, as well as being useful magickally speaking to attract nice things, spells using the power of Venus can be used to help make positive changes in your life. This can include increasing gratitude and appreciation as well as easing insecurities. 

Things to remember when using Jupiter and Venus in magick

Jupiter and Venus in magick are two of the most helpful planets when it comes to making positive changes and attracting nice things. But like all planets when used in magick, Jupiter and Venus are best used when they are travelling along in their own signs. 

For example, when using the energy of Jupiter, it’s best to do it when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. With Venus, thinking carefully about the characteristics of either Taurus or Libra is important. For example, using the energy of Venus while it is in Libra would favour magick aimed at bringing balance and harmony. When Venus is in Taurus, this would help magick focused on acquiring nice things. Especially where these will improve the home environment.

Astral magick is all about timing. If the planets are not in their own sign when we want to perform a spell, then we have to make do and work with the characteristics of the sign they are in. This is especially concerning planets like Jupiter who are slow moving when it comes to their journey through the signs.

When it comes to creating spells, the best way to harness the energies of Jupiter and Venus is to incorporate their characteristics right into the spell. You can do this by using their planetary glyphs, for example carved on candles. You can make use of their planetary days of the week. For Jupiter this is Thursday, Venus is Friday. You can also use their associated planetary herbs as ingredients. 

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