4 Steps To Finding Flow Using Tarot

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At Magenta, we are all about magick being used for personal development, and we want to give you guys personal power so you can make change happen for yourselves. Whatever that change may be. Perhaps it’s overcoming hardship or an emotional block. Perhaps this is understanding the material world and making changes to the physical environment. The most difficult bit of making change happen is not how to cast a spell or what planets are in alignment and when. It’s knowing what change to make

Being in alignment with who you are is one of the most aspirational human goals possible. It’s often at the root of all the other changes we want to make. Ask yourself, do you feel excited by the day you have ahead of you? If any one aspect of your day does not excite you chances are it’s out of alignment with who you really are in some way.

Some people use the phrase “not being in flow”.  This means all the parts of your day – your life – that leave you disengaged, bored, distracted by something else, these are the things that are out of alignment. It’s possible that these are the things that you could change. This could just be a little tweak, like setting some goals to bring a little bit of direction in that area to make it more exciting. Or it could be a big tweak like trying out something new. It’s a place to start to bring some positive change and a place to focus your magick.

Step 1 – What are your strengths?

One first step to finding your sense of alignment, your flow, could be figuring out what your key strengths are and whether you’re using them or not. Maybe you’ve got a good idea already what your strengths are. But, if not this is a great question to ask the tarot. Pull a few tarot cards (one card for one strength) and see what the cards reveal for you. Try to interpret the meaning of the card to match your question “What are my strengths?”. Try not to get in your own head about ‘bad’ cards! If you get a suit card, maybe your strengths are aligned with the energy of that suit. If you pull a major arcana card, what is the meaning of the card when thought of as strength? Nobody needs to worry about pulling the Tower and their key strength being The Destroyer of Worlds or whatever. 

Easy. So now you know what your strengths are. Now what?

Step 2 – Spot the Difference

The second step here is just to notice whether there were any surprises. Do you recognise yourself in the cards? Can you spot any strengths the cards suggested that you didn’t realise you had? After all, it’s entirely possible you are not using your key strengths. Which makes perfect sense if you don’t feel aligned! 

Step 3 – What do you value?

The third step to being in alignment is working out what you value versus what you are valued for. You may already know what you value, for example you may value family or helping others, but the cards stand ready to help you with what you value if you don’t already know. Once you know what you value, ask the tarot cards “what is it that people turn to you for?”  Now ask yourself again, what do you value? Be honest! Is what you value family and helping others, or is that what you are valued for? It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone if what you value and what you are valued for are the exact opposite. It makes perfect sense and may account for some of those feelings of being out of alignment. 

Step 4 – Find those opportunities to shine

So now you have your strengths and what it is you value. You also have some clues about what it is other people value you for. This is where you can play detective. There will likely be some conflict between the cards at this point. For example, it’s possible that your true strengths aren’t being used to help you take action in the areas you truly value. It’s possible you’re giving more of your strengths to things other people want from you. Ask yourself, is there a conflict here?

You can pull some final tarot cards to help guide you towards alignment. Ask the cards “what am I not seeing about how I can use my strengths?” or “where should I be using my strengths more?” or even “What do I need to do less of in order to let my strengths shine?”. 

Finding Flow

The tarot might reveal some answers you hadn’t expected, and now you know some of the areas you might wish to focus on in order to bring yourself closer to a sense of flow, closer to being in alignment with who you really are. Start by creating some opportunities to put your strengths into action in the real world through the things you value. This will bring you back into alignment with your purpose and help you find your flow. Whether this starts with a spell, with a meditation, with some positive affirmations or even just a promise to yourself to be open to opportunities. The tarot has given the gift of insight, now the next bit is up to you!

Blessed be, people!

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