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That Magick Vodcast

Below you’ll find previous episodes of That Magick Vodcast if you prefer our video versions. This started in March 2022 as an 8 episode season. It’s a series looking at magickal topics such as tarot, lenormand and magickal powers to name a few. Check out the show notes for each episode for links to our free magick school articles on each of the topics.

The One With All The Outtakes: Bonus Feature

Just a gag real from Season Two of That Magick Vodcast. We don’t understand the tech, struggle to work on camera and we get our words wrong. Often. But if nothing else, we can laugh at ourselves.

The One About Astral Magick: Ep 8

This is the finale of Season 2! We open our show slightly worried about the complicated nature of astral magick, the timing and what’s on the watchlist of TV shows this weekend.

In this episode we unpack the very basic basics of astral magick. That the characteristics of the planets come from astrology, what the House system means and what bits and pieces to pull together when timing spell casting for the best possible outcome. Hopefully by the end of this episode listeners will have an understanding of what astral magick is and a little of how it works.

We have an article covering off the four main takeaways about astral magick and links to some of our favourite apps (to help with working out the maths) on our website.

The One Where Magick Isn’t Evil: Ep 7

We open our show talking about the fact Disney owns everything, is responsible for all the stories that ever existed…especially the made up ones on a certain News network.

In this episode we explore whether magick is evil and depending on certain perspectives, whether pop-culture has encouraged the belief that actually it’s witches that are evil. We try to challenge this view point by taking you back in time, dear listeners, to the moment when it was decreed that magick was bad. Hopefully by the end of this episode, and armed with new knowledge, listeners will have an understanding of where this perspective comes from and begin to challenge any lingering fears around the villainous nature of magick (or witches!)

We have an article asking whether magick is evil on our website.

The One About The Psychology of Magick: Ep 6

We open our show talking about our outfits, the football/pop culture memorabilia (or Bric a Brac as it’s also known) scattered about the studio we record in and whether female sport gets enough time on the telly. BUT this is a magick podcast, promise, so if you wanna skip all that…the real start is about 7 minutes in!

In this episode we explore how and why magick works from the perspective of employing techniques used by athletes and entrepreneurs. We talk a lot about The Secret and Law of Attraction. More from the angle that, whilst our magick might look like this…we’re not trying to advocate for The Secret or suggesting that the Law of Attraction works or doesn’t work. Hopefully by the end of this episode, listeners will have an understanding of how and why magick works and how to spot when results show up. Perhaps even feel reinvigorated when results show up!

We have an article about how spells work on our website.

The One About Halloween: Ep 5

We open our show with an entire episode summary, so if you only have time for one minute of That Magick Podcast it’s right here in the cold opener. But for those who have more time to look behind the veil of this festival, we get into a potted history from the perspective of the Celtic peoples and the origins of Halloween. Hopefully by the end of the episode, you’ll have a couple of ideas for how to celebrate this festival (other than knocking of strangers’ doors and asking for food that is).

Maybe you’ll feel inspired to do a new year reading for yourself. If so, we have some tips here on our website for doing a 13 card New Year spread from Season One’s The One About Beltane or Samhain.

The One About Gatekeeping: Ep 4

We open our show reflecting on our experiences of Covid and how we are feeling now, post(ish) recovery, how we’re struggling with energy levels and ‘covid brain’. Although for at least one of us, the perimenopause and covid brain are getting harder to separate.

In this episode we explore the difficult issue of gatekeeping in magick, cultural appropriation and something we refer to as ‘key mastery’. As white people, we aim to look at things from the perspective of the people who are actually impacted by some of the issues we talk about in today’s episode. Hopefully by the end listeners will have an understanding of this difficult issue, why it is complicated, perhaps feel inspired to look at the way western magick is practised and maybe undertake a bit of research to learn about its history.

We are supporters and we do accept our limited lived experiences. We are absolutely not experts. Where we’ve got things wrong we’d love to hear from our listeners on this topic so we can learn, and be better supporters. We have an article about key mastery on our website and an article on whether western magick is culturally appropriated.

We also talk about the Simpsons and we mention Homer joining the Stonemasons. Of course, he did not join the Stonemasons. He joined the Stonecutters…how could we forget?! Let’s just say it’s covid brain.

The One About Using Tarot For Personal Development: Ep 3

We open our show explaining that the “not quite tarot cards” hanging in the back of our set is one of the oldest tarot decks (for podcast listeners, we are referring to a collection of Sola Busca cards that we have framed in the background when we film the Vodcast versions of That Magick Podcast)

As ever, in this episode we draw heavily from pop culture as we try to explain why James Bond was just wrong on so many levels, tarot interpretation being one of the things he got wrong. Hopefully by the end of episode you’ll know how to use tarot for personal development. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to bring tarot into the board room or maybe use tarot within a counselling context. Feel free to check out our articles on similar topics such as using tarot to find flow and tarot for personal development. These provide more context to our episode today.

The One About Different Types Of Magick: Ep 2

We open our show trying to give some instructions about working on camera to our co-host. It doesn’t work. So we have another video episode where one of us is better shot than the other. We accept our shortcomings and accept that we’re a work in progress. We do eventually crack it, so please just bear with us.

In this episode we’re talking about what the different types of magick that exsist are. Hopefully by the end of the episode you will know a bit more about what all the magickal words, terms, definitions, names etc mean. Maybe you’ll be inspired to research a little bit, using some of these words or perhaps just feel assured that the kind of magick you practice isn’t wrong, or weird. Feel free to check out our article on a similar topic as this provides more context to our episode today.

The One About Grimoires: Ep 1

We open our show welcoming our new co-host! Having appeared in many a cold opener in Season 1, Someone is now stepping into the light to co-host the show, smiling and nodding the whole time bringing his unique style to try and make the show a bit more highbrow. Spoilers. It’s not, and now carries an Explicit so there we are.

In this episode we’re talking about grimoires. By the end of the episode, you should hopefully know a little more what they are, a little potted history about where some of favourite grimoires came from. We also talk about how grimoires, and magick, show up in pop culture. Feel free to check out our articles as these provide more context to the topic. These articles list out the grimoires we love, and the ones that are a bit dumb. Hopefully, you will feel inspired to buy some of these amazing texts! One of our favourite grimoires is the Picatrix. We would invite you all to check it out. We bought our copy from these guys. We’re not affiliated with any of the editors of these works, we don’t get a commission from talking about these books. We’re just pointing you all in the direction of where to go, ya know to be helpful.

We apologise for the quality of the video for those watching the vodcast, our first camera let us down so we had to rely on the back-up camera which, as you can see, is entirely rubbish. But we DO get better at pressing the right buttons and remembering we are on camera as the season progresses. Just bear with us for the first one!

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