That Magick Podcast Bonus Content – The One Where We Hunt Ghosts (at the Elizabethan House)


The One Where We Hunt Ghosts At The Elizabethan House  (Video and Audio files)


In this bonus episode we share our experience of going on a ghost hunting experience evening.

Shot in One Take, this uncut episode gives an overview of what we got up at the Elizabethan House in Norfolk, England, and whether we encountered any spooks and busted some ghosts.  Not intended to be a fright-fest episode, we chat about the event, the people who we had been teamed up with and showcase the experience as “perfect for date night”. Hopefully by the end of this episode, listeners will be entertained by our experience and may consider booking on a ghost hunting evening, if one is being held near you.

The tools we talk about in this episode are EMF metres and REM pods which can be purchased from the Internet. We also used the Voice Notes recorder on our phones, so if you have a phone with Voice Notes, this will do just fine you don’t need to buy anything!

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