Can you grow magick powers?

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Do you believe in magickal abilities or magick powers? Is this something you can learn, or do you have to be involved in some terrible lab accident to get them? Well, we believe you can learn most magick powers but some do defy explanation!

At Magenta, we love to label all things woo and wonderful, all the unexpected and the unexplained as ‘magick’. We are witches afterall. But we understand that not everyone labels things this way. In fact, we have had many a stand up row with people who are so adamant that our magick powers aren’t real, or aren’t magick, they are called something else that we’re often pretty guarded about bringing the subject up. 

But let’s get it out in the open. We have magick powers. And we bet you do too. To be clear though, we’re not moving objects with our mind and we can’t click our fingers to stop time or anything like that (though some of the meetings we have to go to, you’d think time has stopped). So what do we mean?

Magick powers can appear on the surface to be quite ‘everyday’ things everyone has, and for the most part they are. They are often the overlooked and underappreciated abilities that can be sidelined in a daily grind and hustle world. That doesn’t make them any less magical! 

Empathic abilities

One of the powers we have in abundance here at Magenta is empathy. We are basically a bunch of empaths. But empathy isn’t magick, is it? Course it is. If you’re using it magickally like we do. For us it shows up as an ability to feel what someone else is feeling. It is beyond sympathy. It can be so strong that we can occasionally suffer migraines or we can absorb other people’s emotions so much that we can’t tell if they’re ours or not. But it is a wonderful gift to have. We use empathy through our Tarot and Lenormand Guidance because we can get a sense of an issue and reflect that back to our querent. Whilst there’s no proper test to check if you are an empath, ask yourself the following questions based on our experience….

  • Are you the one ‘on call’ to provide emotional support to others?
  • Do you get the sense something is wrong or something doesn’t feel right when listening to others? 
  • Does being around large groups or people all day long leave you exhausted? 
  • Do you enjoy or even crave time on your own? 
  • Have you ever been accused of ‘mind reading’ or ‘cheating’ at strategy games? 

Perhaps you are an empath!

Lucid Dreamers

We have a couple of Lucid Dreamers here at Magenta, these are people who are aware that they are dreaming when they’re asleep. This is an amazing ability to gain control over the dream world, the situations, the people in them and the story of the dream. Is this magick? Well, we think so. The personal development applications for using dreams have been around for centuries, so imagine taking that one step further…where to work on our shadow side, we only have to fall asleep and answers can be found in the dream world. Have you ever experienced a dream where you knew you were dreaming? If so, you are probably a lucid dreamer. It is possible to learn to control your dreams. For example, next time you have a dream try testing the reality of the dream, by checking to see if the ‘physics’ of the dream environment are aligned with the waking world. Try checking that you can still read in your dreams? Or use the phone in your dreams? (by the way, we can’t so when this happens we know it’s a dream!). If you become aware of these little signs, you’re well on your way to becoming a lucid dreamer. Another quick step you can take to develop this is next time you go to bed, simply tell yourself you will have a lucid dream. It might take a few goes, but your unconscious mind will eventually play ball. 

The Major Clairs

We are lucky enough to be blessed with claircognizance and infrequent clairaudience. These are a couple of the weirdest magick powers for us to experience, and the easiest to label ‘magick’ because they have no earthly explanation. Claircognizance is one of the four major ‘clairs’ and means “clear knowing”. Clairaudience means clear hearing.  Which means we have the ability to know something without knowing why we know it and this gift shows up for us in the most random situations, such as – weirdly –  knowing exactly where our lost property is. We also have the ability to hear things that aren’t there. Now, this is different from hearing voices in a poor mental health way. For us, this shows up most often as singing or music that we can hear. These abilities don’t cause us distress and we are not worried about them. We are pretty confident that everyone has a ‘clair’ in them somewhere, it just take practice. Ask yourself, have you ever known something without being able to explain why you know it? What about being able to see things clearly in your mind? If you’re able to practise meditation safely, visualising when in a deep state of relaxation is when ‘baby clairs’, like clairvoyance, start to form. However, knowing that baby clairs can form from meditation, we only invite people to meditate or visualise if it is safe for them to do so. 

Master Manifestors

Finally we are masters of manifestation. We can set our intentions through a spell and achieve our goals. Is this magick? Pfffft, of course it is! Manifestation for us shows up in goal achievement and in wishes coming true. Be careful what you wish for is a stern warning here because with this power comes great responsibility, some of us are pretty powerful! Happily, this is a magick power that can be learned, in fact we have a whole Magick Discovered course that teaches people exactly how to cast spells for maximum impact to achieve goals. We are convinced that everyone has the ability to manifest, to cast a spell and for that spell to work. It just takes a bit of dedication and most important of all, it takes the belief that it will work. For us, success means seeing magickal results when you believe it and not believing in it when you see it. 

These are just a handful of the magick powers we have at Magenta, from the everyday right through to the downright weird. But they’re all real, real to us and have been with us at various stages of development and have been a source of strength to us all our lives. We invite you to seek out what magick powers lay within you!

Blessed be, people!

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