Guided Meditation: Releasing physical pain

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Pain Management Series

This is part one of a three part series of meditative techniques in our Pain Management series.

The experience of having to live with pain everyday can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Not only does pain make daily life difficult, the drain on emotional strength can feel overwhelming. Learning to build resilience and learning to adopt a different relationship with pain, can help release the hold physical pain can have on the mind, which may help the body cope with having to live with daily pain.

Here we have some pointers on how to meditate, plus some of our other guided meditations available.

Meditation practice, and this technique, can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising this technique to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with this.

If you have questions about this just reach out and ask. We’re happy to assist!

Our meditations are all unique and written by us. They are guided and secular. They are a combination of mindfulness, visualisation, emotion-work exercises rooted in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and goal achievement rooted in neurolinguistic programming.

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