How to bring the balance back for the Equinox

Mabon is a wiccan festival symbolic of balance

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Welcome everyone to the equinox! The 21st of September (give or take some astro-maths) marks a point of the year at which light and darkness are in balance. There are even some names for this festival, which come from Wicca.


For those of us enjoying the turn away from summer, this time of year is called Mabon. It’s the second celebration of the harvest, and is a celebration for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to gather for the coming winter months. It is a good time of year for observing the changing colours as nature prepares for winter. 


For those in the southern hemisphere, this is the time of year called Ostara. It is symbolic of a time of new beginnings and of life emerging further from the grips of winter. It is a good time of year for spotting emerging leaves on the trees and for watching animals tend to their new young. 

Transition From Virgo to Libra

It’s not just Wiccans celebrating this time of year. As practitioners of astral magick, we’re interested in what the stars are up to, and so like to celebrate the equinox from that perspective.

At this point in the year, the sun is closing off its time in Virgo. Virgo symbolises the analytical, striving for perfection and thoroughness. The Sun is just about the enter Libra, symbolic of balance and fairness. The light and dark being in balance coinciding with the Sun’s journey towards Libra, invites us to bring the work/life balance back and look at what is getting in the way of the ability to maintain balance.

Bring the balance back

We invite you to take a peek under that rock and see what’s lurking. You can do this by grabbing some tarot or lenormand cards or simply asking the question of yourself. What is getting in the way of your work/life balance?

Just focus on the question, not the answer, and allow the intuitive parts to step up and reveal the answer to you in time. You can do this by closing your eyes (if you’re not using cards) and just pay attention to any thoughts, emotions or sensations in the body.

If you’re planning to use some tarot cards, just quietly sit and concentrate on the question. Just pull one or two cards, what does the imagery of the card tell you?

Sometimes the answer may come in the form of a dream. Just pay close attention to your dreams over the next few nights.

Once you’ve identified what is getting in the way of your work/life balance you can cast a spell to bring order back into your situation.

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