The Equinox. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Photos by Jemma and Magenta

Thankfully this is only about equal parts daytime to equal parts nighttime. No blips. No time heist to put things back to how it was. Although wft we do with the clocks now, no one knows.

So welcome everyone to the equinox, which is a wiccan festival that marks the point of the year at which light and darkness are in balance.

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, this is the time of year called “Ostara”. It is symbolic of a time of new beginnings and of life emerging further from the grips of winter. It is a good time of year for spotting emerging leaves on the trees and for watching animals tend to their new young. 

For those of us enjoying the turn away from summer, this time of year is called Mabon. It’s the second celebration of the harvest, and is a celebration for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to gather for the coming winter months. It is a good time of year for observing the changing colours as nature prepares for winter. 

These festivals are celebrations of light and dark being in balance so we can mark the time of year through a focus on balance. Whether this is having a look at the work life balance or something more practical like giving equal attention to personal needs as meeting the needs of others. Ask yourself whether you feel like you’re in perfect balance right now, meeting your needs as well as other people’s needs. What can you do to bring some balance back?

It’s also worth noticing that the sun is just starting it’s journey back across the sky with Aries. Aries is often associated with strength, whether these are strong beginnings or strong endings, there’s no doubt the equinox makes a good time to start a project or wind up a piece of work. Would starting something new, or finishing something off, help you bring a sense of balance?

As the Wheel of the Year turns our attention to the balance of light and dark, we can perhaps check in with our shadow sides. This isn’t something we’re always happy to do. Focusing on what our conscious minds that, for whatever reason, has kept hidden from us is not easy. Oftentimes, we prefer to keep our shadow side miles away from everyone and everything. It’s almost like we ‘Instagram filter’ all the harsh edges and airbrush those bits of us that are less than ideal right out of sight. But we invite you to take a peek under that rock and see what’s lurking.

Carl Jung loved a bit of shadow work, but it basically just means self-reflection. Our magick is all about personal development so we also love a bit of shadow work. Let’s ask a slightly different version of our earlier question, what is getting in the way of the ability to maintain balance? Now there’s a rock worth looking under. 

To explore this question, or any aspect of your shadow side, try to ignore logic thinking and over analysing. Just simply ask the question. Outloud, or in your head is fine (you don’t want to be that guy on the bus) and give your logic brain a rest. To do this you just need to go outside for a run or a walk, or do something mindful like yoga or meditation. Even Lego is mindful. Just focus on the question, not the answer. By silencing that logic brain, it can allow the intuitive parts to step up and reveal the answer. Of course, tools such as tarot cards or lenormand cards are another great way to work on our shadow sides. Try asking the question and pulling a few cards to reveal what is going on.

As the moon is in Scorpio on the equinox, you can also try a little magick to bring the shadow forward a bit. In this post we demonstrate a quick spell to reveal what is hidden so you can find your shadow side that way too. 

Once you feel the answer coming through, allow it to become a key to release you from that shadow situation. Your intuition has got your back, and will gift you the answer so you can move forward. Not so you hold onto it like an anchor. 

Whatever you choose to do, and how you choose to celebrate, enjoy the light and the dark! Happy equinox, peeps!

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