Guided Meditation: Positive regard

Unconditional positive regard is an amazing skill that can be incorporated into a wide spectrum of everyday life.

It’s all about ensuring that your relationships flourish, and that in the event that people make mistakes, that they know they will still be supported and accepted.

Join us for 25 minutes to start to build this skill for yourself.

Guided Meditation: Understanding Judgement

Judgement is often an essential component of life. But sometimes judgement can become unhelpful if it’s an activity that becomes all consuming.

Understanding how far we judge others (and ourselves) can be a helpful step towards releasing judgement.

Click the link to understand how far “judgement” exists for you in just 25 short minutes!

Guided Meditation: Accepting responsibility

Sometimes even the best of us can make mistakes. When we do things that are out of alignment with our values and beliefs, taking responsibility can be the first step towards self-forgiveness.

Feeling bad about our mistakes is not pleasant but by working through some of those difficult emotions we can begin to heal and move on.

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Guided Meditation: Experiencing Anger

Experiencing strong emotions like anger can actually be good for us. But what if we are prone to keeping the peace or not voicing our concerns? It can be a new experience to allow anger in.

This guided meditation aims to provide a safe space to experience anger and also, a place to release it afterwards.

Click the link to get this guided meditation!

Guided Meditation: Experience Emotions Without Judgement

Everyone can feel overwhelmed by emotion from time to time. This video will guide you through a meditation practice for you to practice every day, so that you can experience emotions without becoming involved in the story too much.

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