Guided Meditation: The Body Scan

In May 2024, Magenta School of Magick and Clare Willmitt Wellness are hosting a mindful magickal retreat.

To celebrate, our guided meditations over September will focus on the practise of Mindfulness.

This week’s meditation is a body scan, which invites you to focus on any sensations in the body.

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Guided Meditation: Body Scan and Switching Off

We will be running another three part series of interconnected meditations throughout the Holiday period to tackle sleeplessness.

This is part two. This guided meditation is a body scan technique to switch off the body and bring focused attention to different parts of the body in order to give that busy mind something else to do at bedtime.

Click the link to get this downloadable audio.

Guided Meditation: Body Scan

Starting or ending your day with a body scan is a wonderful way to just spend some time paying attention to your body. The goal is not to change anything, and not to have perfect stillness in the mind but just to get to know yourself.