Guided Meditation: Accepting responsibility

Sometimes even the best of us can make mistakes. When we do things that are out of alignment with our values and beliefs, taking responsibility can be the first step towards self-forgiveness.

Feeling bad about our mistakes is not pleasant but by working through some of those difficult emotions we can begin to heal and move on.

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Guided Meditation: Self approval and validation

Ever felt overlooked, or that nobody notices all the things you’re good at? We invite you today to first allow you to notice you. Allow yourself to be the first one who celebrates how amazing you are.

By approving of our own hard work first, we often find we need that approval from others a little less.

Click the link for this free self-approval and self validation guided meditation.

Guided Meditation: Self Acceptance Affirmations

Self acceptance is about not letting the things we don’t like about ourselves define us. When we practice self acceptance we can start to embrace our authentic selves.

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