Guided Meditation: Working with emotions

When thinking about emotions, we tend to label these as “good” and “bad” and perhaps we are aware that some emotions are more socially acceptable, others less so.

These labels can lead to a sense of judgement. Judgement about others, and judgement about ourselves. But what if we gave up these labels for just a short time, and sat with our emotions just as they are.

Today’s meditation is an invitation to reflect on your emotions without judgement. Click the link!

Guided Meditation: Accepting responsibility

Sometimes even the best of us can make mistakes. When we do things that are out of alignment with our values and beliefs, taking responsibility can be the first step towards self-forgiveness.

Feeling bad about our mistakes is not pleasant but by working through some of those difficult emotions we can begin to heal and move on.

Click the link to get this guided meditation!

Guided Meditation: Experiencing Anger

Experiencing strong emotions like anger can actually be good for us. But what if we are prone to keeping the peace or not voicing our concerns? It can be a new experience to allow anger in.

This guided meditation aims to provide a safe space to experience anger and also, a place to release it afterwards.

Click the link to get this guided meditation!

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