Guided Meditation: Release confidence blocks

Many of us form blocks about our abilities and skills. We question whether we are good enough. These questions and blocks can then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them.

This guided meditation aims to do just that. Click the link, now.

Guided Meditation: Authentic leadership

Ever felt your leadership style was a bit out of step with your leadership cohort? or that you find yourself comparing or compromising your style to be like others?

We invite you today to tap into what makes you a great leader in order to embrace how amazing your style actually is!

Click the link for this free authentic leadership guided meditation.

Spells under a minute: Tea and confidence in me

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells! The moon is in Leo this week so this is a great time to cast a really easy spell to grow your self confidence. This spell is so simple, it’s almost cheating!

Guided Meditation: Leadership confidence

Everyone should be able to step into their personal power as a leader. This video will guide you through a meditation practice for you to practice every day, so that you can grow your confidence and transmute those goblins that get in the way!

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