Finding Clarity and Connection: Using Tarot as a Tool for Team Building Success

Tarot provides a unique perspective on individual strengths and helps people work through any challenges.

What if your brought this insight into work? By incorporating Tarot into team building workshops and activities, organisations can create an inclusive and engaging environment that promotes self-reflection and open dialogue.

This week’s article explores how Tarot has real world business applications.

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Using Tarot in the Boardroom

Tarot cards have been used as an amazing tool to uncover hidden truths and gain greater insight into the subconscious.

The tarot acts like a mirror, reflecting back all that hidden knowledge. But surely they have no place in the serious and logical world of Business?

We believe that tarot cards can provide a unique and powerful way for business leaders to create innovative solutions when faced with challenges. This article can give some pointers as to how to use tarot in the boardroom. Click the link!

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