Spells under a minute: Keeping it hidden

The Moon is going to be Void-of-Course a fair bit this week, so this spell is a great accompaniment for those wishing to achieve outcomes that you want to remain unseen or hidden.

Just cast the spell, and make sure you carry out your secret mission, whilst the Moon is Void!

Click the link to get your free downloadable spell!

Spells under a minute: Restricting the impact

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

The waning moon is in Capricorn this week, which is also void for a little while. This is all perfect for a spell to go along with the need to slide a difficult message under the radar.

Today’s spell is about restricting the impact our actions have on others. Click the link to get your free downloadable spell!

Phases of the Moon beyond magick

The moon plays a huge part in magickal practise. Everything from the moon’s phases and what the moon is doing and when it is doing it are all useful in magick. 

But is that all the moon is good for? In this week’s article we explore how the phases of the moon can be used in work, school and our personal lives. Click the link to get this now.

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