Guided Meditation: Freewriting aid

If you have been looking for a way to tap into your inner wisdom, but have struggled with visualisation, then freewriting could be the technique for you.

Freewriting is a technique for accessing all of the creativity hiding inside, by ignoring your instinct to edit, correct and censor your stream of consciousness as it flows onto the page.

Join us for 20 minutes to start your guided freewriting session. See what unfolds for you!

Guided Meditation: Building Intuition

Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool for decision making, but spotting the messages from all the logic-brain noise is difficult.

Join us this week for 15 minutes, so you can develop a technique to build your capacity to recognise intuition.

Click the link to get this meditation!

Unlock your intuition and get creative with problem solving

Intuition as a form of non-linear thinking allows us to see the bigger picture. It is an inner knowing that somehow goes beyond all the things we have learned, and yet taps into everything we have ever learned in an instant.

Can intuition help us make decisions? What about when we are truly stuck in our own heads?

We explore how to unlock intuition for creative problem solving in this article. Click the link!

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