Guided Meditation: Break the Cycle of Fixed Beliefs

Sometimes the rules, or beliefs, we have formed are not actually objectively true. They are merely aspects of our values system, or the value system of key authority figures in our lives.

These fixed beliefs can be challenged, but first we must work out what they are and their limitations on us.

Join us for 25 minutes today to explore some common fixed beliefs in order to challenge their hold.

Guided Meditation: Body Image

Give yourself some love today. Your body is special and precious because it’s yours…’s home to your thoughts and your emotions. It’s time to stop defining your awesomeness by any external standards.

Join us for 20 minutes to give your body some loving kindness.

Guided Meditation: Body confidence affirmations

Did you know you are fabulous? You look perfect, just as you are!

This is a series of affirmations designed to welcome health and fitness, but also to celebrate just how awesome your body is.

Click the link to get this meditation!