What is magick?

Magick is very difficult to define. It means different things to different people!

At Magenta, we think of magick as being both a philosophy and an art of affecting intended change through (so far at least) unseen causes. It is a craft that one learns… and the more it is practiced and studied, the better it is understood by the practitioner.

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So what exactly do we mean? Let’s break our definition down further. Imagine a scenario where someone is at home, feeling hungry. They think to themselves ‘I’m hungry, I would really like something to eat’ and imagined a plates of biscuits. They go to the kitchen and collect a plate of biscuits. Is that magick?

Although they have affected change (stopping hunger in this case) and there was at least a philosophy (a belief that food in the kitchen will stop the hunger) and some art (a form of communication to express an idea, in this case an imagined plate of biscuits) the change was not affected through unseen causes.

What about if the same person thought to themselves ‘I’m really hungry. I would really like something to eat’ and imagined a plate of biscuits, and their housemate walked into to the room with a plate of biscuits. Is this magick?

In its simplist form they have affected change (stopping hunger in this case) and there was a philosophy (a belief that food in the kitchen will stop the hunger) and some art (a form of communication to express an idea, in this case an imagined plate of biscuits) the change was affected through unseen means. How did the housemate know to bring biscuits in at that time?

Of course, the scenario above is very simplistic. There is certainly more to magick than wishing for biscuits! The philosophy and the art are important. It takes a lot of study and practice to learn. There are also lots of different approaches to magick.

Magick School – who are we and what do we teach?

We identify as witches first and foremost. We teach people about magick and it’s use for personal growth. We have an intuitive approach and encourage all our students to develop their own style.

Our approach has been inspired by lots of religions, practices and belief systems. As a result it is a blend of philosophies and arts such as those found in Chaos Magick, Gardnerian Wicca and Thelema as well as Astrological and Renaissance Magick. We also add in a lot techniques found in neurolinguistic programming, Humanistic counselling and personal development, to make our course as impactful and positive as possible.

This means whilst we draw a few of our ideas from Wicca, we don’t teach people how to be “wiccan”. Instead, we share our philosophies and invite people to take what they like into their lives if they wish.

Our Magick Discovered course is available to both absolute beginners and the experienced alike. We assume no prior knowledge or experience of our philosophies, which are often so unique other magick schools are unlikely to have covered them. You will follow along with the video tutorials and you can keep the course materials, these are yours forever!

At our school there are no quizzes or exams. We do not expect you to rote learn the course material. Instead you are invited to join in by undertaking a bit of research, based on what you have learned, and then write about you think. You get to answer some thought provoking questions ‘blog’ style, practice the techniques we are teaching and share your experiences with the class. But don’t worry, we include some tips about what a potential answer might look like with the course material.

Magick Discovered – Launched December 2021

At the moment it is available for £99.99, but please subscribe to the website (button below) for our coupon codes, which we usually issue on quarter and cross quarter days.

This course is great for beginners as a foundation level but equally, this is a solid introduction to anybody with a little more experience wanting to learn our philosophy and our flavour of magick. Sign up now and you get access to the course. That way you can secure this really great introductory price and then complete it at a time that suits you!

Magick Developed – COMING SOON!

Intermediates should start here. Our magick developed course will assume a foundation level knowledge of the topics. You don’t have to have taken our Magick Discovered course to join this course, but it may be helpful because our philosophy is quite a mix!

Naturally this course aligns with my own values. There are lots of assignments to practice what is being taught, it’s not just listening to lectures. Some topics have a different take on magic, such as psychology but the lectures explain how it’s all connected.

February 2022

Tarot and Lenormand Guidance

We also offer tarot and lenormand card guidance. By this we mean, our card readings are focused on personal development and guidance for you, and less about seeing into the future. Here you can get in touch with us and we will work with you to ask the right kind of question for the type of reading you want. You’ll receive an MP3 recording of your reading, along with a photo of the cards dealt to keep. We keep our prices as low as possible, and have three tiers of pricing which increase depending on the depth of the reading. Although our prices are given in UK pounds, we are available to read internationally!

Articles, free spells, Lenormand meanings, videos, social media

We also have some other cool things available such as information you will find useful for spells on our Casting Spells page. We have meditations and affirmations, as well as articles and links to our podcast and vodcast, plus loads of other great tips on our Article and Other Cool Free Stuff page. We also have detailed Lenormand card meanings for anyone learning how to read Lenormand. All of these pages are totally free, and are perfect for people not taking any magickal courses to still get involved in our work.

We also have a Red Bubble shop where we sell our Magenta School of Magick apparell and other goods. Plus our own Magick Shop where we sell our services.

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