Guided Meditation: Simply Be

Simply being present is where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now.

This 15 minute meditation is an invitation to pay attention to your environment and your place within it, without judgement.

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Guided Meditation: Extending Compassion

We all make mistakes and building up our capacity for compassion starts with an acceptance that no one is infallible.

It is through understanding this that we can start to cultivate compassion for others.

Join us for this short session to extend compassion to one person in particular. Click the link!

Looking for Love and Career Success: How Lenomard Card Readings Can Provide Insight

In the quest for looking for love and developing career success, Lenormand card readings offer a profound and intuitive understanding of how to maximise your success in these areas.

This week’s article is a look at how to read the cards to gain a deeper understanding your path to success in these areas.

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Guided Meditation: Invite Change In

Change can bring with it feelings of anxiety and a sense of loss.

But it is in these moments that we can take strength from considering what is it that is within our control?

Let’s explore in 20 minutes, what is within our control and remain open to the possibilities that change can bring. Click the link!

Guided Meditation: Opportunity from Adversity

Life’s challenges and setbacks, though difficult, can be a moment to learn more about ourselves and what we can take from life’s difficult moments.

By turning our attention inwards during difficult times, we can help listen to own inner guidance telling us what we must learn from the setbacks we have faced.

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Maximising the Impact of Tarot Readings with Counselling Techniques: A Quick Dive into the Benefits of Integration

Integrating counselling techniques into your tarot readings can be a game changer for you as a tarot reader.

In this article we unpack integrating tarot with counselling techniques so that you can help your clients gain deeper insights into their lives and make positive changes.

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Guided Meditation: Money and success affirmations

Welcoming money and success into our lives is a beautiful thing, if only we could get out of our own way. One of the first steps to overcome is often fear of money and of success.

Today’s meditation will guide you through a series of affirmations for you to practice every day, so that you can let go of any fear of success or money.

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Guided Meditation: Authentic worklife

Let’s turn our attention inward to help find our authentic work selves.

Reflecting on the opportunities to learn and grow at work, and how to use our strengths can help us figure out any disconnects between our work selves and our authentic self.

Afterall, by being true to who we are at work, we can hope to experience some workplace positivity and try to enjoy being there!

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Guided Meditation: Understanding Judgement

Judgement is often an essential component of life. But sometimes judgement can become unhelpful if it’s an activity that becomes all consuming.

Understanding how far we judge others (and ourselves) can be a helpful step towards releasing judgement.

Click the link to understand how far “judgement” exists for you in just 25 short minutes!

Guided Meditation: Can-Do Mindset

Self-efficacy, or a Can-Do attitude, is all about having a positive attitude towards one’s abilities to accomplish a task or reach a goal.

This amazing mindset is grounded on self-assurance but it’s not about big-headedness or kidding oneself, it’s about believing something can be done, in order to achieve amazing outcomes.

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