The Beauty of Life

Ideas for how to celebrate this wiccan festival

Your Tarot Starter Guide Part 1. It’s all in the suit, numbers and artwork.

Are you struggling with your tarot interpretations? Worried about learning the complex systems? Our easy starter guide should help give you back your confidence.

Spells under a minute: Flame of Prosperity

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

Guided Meditation: Body Scan

Starting or ending your day with a body scan is a wonderful way to just spend some time paying attention to your body. The goal is not to change anything, and not to have perfect stillness in the mind but just to get to know yourself.

New to magick? Here’s how to get started

How do new witches know where to start? It might involve starting right here with this article.

Spells under a minute: Order from Chaos

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

Guided Meditation: Leadership confidence

Everyone should be able to step into their personal power as a leader. This video will guide you through a meditation practice for you to practice every day, so that you can grow your confidence and transmute those goblins that get in the way!

Myth busting. What are the ‘right’ colours of magick?

In a magickal context, colour is used through things like candles and crystals to make a connection to the type of magick being worked. How do you know which coloured candle is the right colour? What about crystals? Our article clears away the myths around the colours of magick

Grimoires. Are they real? Part 2

Have you ever wondered if any of the ancient magickal texts people like Rupert Giles or Sam and Dean Winchester had were real? What about the really old magick books Dark Willow assimilated or a real Book of Shadows like the one the Halliwells have? We conclude our exploration of really old magick books in our article

Guided Meditation: Your Tree of Knowledge

Everyone has access to their own inner wisdom, but sometimes we get stuck in our own heads or we get stuck in logic thinking patterns which means our intuition can’t get a word in. This guided meditation can help clear the chatter.

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