Meditation Scripts – 20 Script Bundle


For people who want to receive 20 different scripts that suit a wide range of audience needs. In this 20 script bundle, you will receive everything from our 10 Script Bundle PLUS 10 additional scripts.

Our scripts are delivered as a download on payment. They are available for personal and commercial use. You will get a licence to record, broadcast, amend and reuse our scripts without incurring further fees.


Our 20 Script Bundle includes everything from our 10 Script Bundle, plus 10 additional scripts. It is therefore not advised to purchase both the 10 Script and 20 Script Bundles.

The estimated recording length of our scripts are (on average) about 25 minutes. This will be increased or decreased depending on the narrator. Our meditations are all guided, secular and are a combination of mindfulness, visualisation, emotion-work exercises rooted in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and goal achievement rooted in neurolinguistic programming.

20 Script Bundle includes

Acceptance and Grace Affirmations, Accessing Inner Wisdom, Being Present, Challenge Negative Thoughts, Fast Forward Through Anxiousness, Finding Alignment, Finding Success, Leadership Affirmations, Moving On In Peace, Relaxation Anchor, Release Money Blocks, Release To Welcome Change, Rewind Distress, See It To Believe It, Self Esteem Affirmations, Self Forgiveness, Spotting Patterns, The Body Scan, The Empty Chair and Your Compassionate Self.

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