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We have an announcement that Season 3 of That Magick Podcast is coming out on the 18th of March 2023.

Like our previous seasons, it’ll contain 8 episodes released every two weeks on a Saturday lunchtime. This time we’ll be talking about magick for personal gain, divination and questioning why Tarot gets more representation in pop culture than Lenomand.  

If you would like to ask a question about magick, tarot or lenomand that we can answer on the podcast, this is your chance to get involved! Just send us your question either on email or contact us using this form.

For any of our WordPress followers and subscribers who haven’t checked out Season 2 yet, here it is in its entirety. Season 2 covers topics such as definitions in magick, astral magick and using Tarot for personal development.

The One About The Multiverse That Magick Podcast

In this episode we are looking at one of the weirder ideas brought to us from science and pop culture, The Multiverse. What is it? How many are there? How do I go visit one of the other ones? Well, we might not be able to answer all of those questions, we do at least have a go.  We’ll talk about how Sliding Doors, all the Star Treks and Marvel shows draw on the concept of many worlds. Can we peak at these through dreaming and meditation? We talk about different universes piled on top of each other and whether "soft places" mean we might slip through to another dimension. We round off with a decision that, just like Everything Everywhere All At Once, we can borrow outcomes from our other selves through spellcasting. We’re not a science show, or a medical show  so where we have totally butchered the physics and medical science, we’re very sorry! We have an article on magick and the multiverse that further describes today’s topic. If you haven't subscribed to our website yet – please check it out All of our really great content starts life on the website, so if you'd like premiere access to spells, meditations and articles subscribe today.
  1. The One About The Multiverse
  2. Season 4 trailer
  3. The One About Sex Magick
  4. The One About Questions
  5. The One Where We Do a Lenormand Reading
  6. The One About Magick Seals and Sigils
  7. The One About The Point of Meditation
  8. The One About Humanistic Magick

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