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We have an announcement that Season 3 of That Magick Podcast is coming out on the 18th of March 2023.

Like our previous seasons, it’ll contain 8 episodes released every two weeks on a Saturday lunchtime. This time we’ll be talking about magick for personal gain, divination and questioning why Tarot gets more representation in pop culture than Lenomand.  

If you would like to ask a question about magick, tarot or lenomand that we can answer on the podcast, this is your chance to get involved! Just send us your question either on email or contact us using this form.

For any of our WordPress followers and subscribers who haven’t checked out Season 2 yet, here it is in its entirety. Season 2 covers topics such as definitions in magick, astral magick and using Tarot for personal development.

The One About Using Magick For Personal Gain That Magick Podcast

We open our third season talking about the football club St Pauli On Sea, and the football shirts owned and loved by us here at Magenta School of Magick. Obviously this has nothing to do with using magick for personal gain, we eventually get into the show at about 5 minutes in for anyone who wants to fast forward through the welcoming banter. In this episode we talk about using magick for personal gain and how Hollywood has us believing that if we do, it’s generally a bad thing. Using examples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Craft, the Marvel universe of TV shows and films and Original Charmed, we challenge that view and generally have a laugh at how everything anyone is usually doing is for personal gain reasons. We also talk a little bit about binding spells, and have a tale of caution (or a tale about a lucky windfall, depending on your perspective) when using magick to bind yourself to people and things.  Hopefully by the end of this episode listeners will feel assured that magick can be practised to achieve personal goals. We have an article covering today’s topic and an article on the ethics of binding on our website. Follow and subscribe at magentaschoolofmagick for all our amazing, and free, content. Including a video of this episode if you are receiving this on a platform that does not support video.
  1. The One About Using Magick For Personal Gain
  2. Season 3 Trailer
  3. The One About Astral Magick
  4. The One Where Magick Isn't Evil
  5. The One About The Psychology of Magick
  6. The One About Halloween
  7. The One About Gatekeeping
  8. The One About Using Tarot For Personal Development

That Magick Podcast is available on our website in podcast and vodcast format, plus you can subscribe to That Magick Podcast on most podcast platforms, just follow the link or search for That Magick Podcast on your podcast platform of choice.

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