Spells under a minute: Order from Chaos

Photo by Magenta

Wanna learn simple spell casting? Here’s a quick spell to strengthen routines, bring your awareness to finer details and clear away the chaos. It’ll help you create the structure you need to get stuff done.

All our correspondences, the days of the week that work best for certain kinds of magick and how we use the moon and planets are all included on our Casting Spells page.

For this one you’ll need to bury something out in nature, so be mindful of only using items that can decompose easily, and use non toxic inks in case something fancies eating it. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your spell if they do but let’s not hurt the locals!

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We are a school for people who want to learn the 'philosophy and art of affecting change through (so far at least) unseen causes', also known as 'magick'.

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